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‘Intrigue, sex and shenanigans. As delicious as diving into a chocolate soufflé.’ Marian Keyes

A Perfect Life by Kate ThompsonGolden girl Calypso O’Kelly is used to getting what she wants. As a powerful casting director, she calls the shots. Closet romantic Dannie Moore is mistress of her own destiny. Having had her fingers burned once by her war correspondent partner, she's determined never to fall in love again. Devoted single mother Rosa Elliot dreams of 'A Brand New Life of Freedom' from tyrannical, sexist bosses. But she finds that throwing caution to the wind isn't necessarily the best way of making her dreams come true...

Three strong women, working hard to make life as perfect as possible. Until Calypso relinquishes control to a demon lover, Dannie discovers that destiny lies in the stars, and Rosa’s dreams of freedom end up in the trash. Can they ever reassemble the shards of the lives they've so injudiciously shattered?

From the number one bestselling author of The Blue Hour comes a tale of sexual obsession, of romance, of courage in adversity and hope in love.