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some of kate's foreign titles

tajemnı cizinec

It Means Mischief Czech translation)

een lange hete zomer

It Means Mischief - Dutch translation)

a contre-emploi

It Means Mischief - French translation)

die lichter von dublin

It Means Mischief - German translation)

amore a scena aperta

It Means Mischief - Italian  translation)

slunne dny

More Mischief - Czech translation)

een verrukkelijke lente

More Miishief - Dutch translation)

amour aux faux-semblants

More Mischief - French translation)

der himmel uber irland

More Miischief - German translation)

ella's traum

Going Down - German translation)

die blaue stunde

The Blue Hour - German translation) 

cinderella wider willen

Striking Poses - German translation)

dokonalı zivot

(A PerfectLife - Czech translation)


A PerfectLife - German translation)