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Witty, sexy, escapist fun.’ The Express

‘Warm, witty, sexy and compulsively readable.’ Cathy Kelly

Ella Nesbit is young, good-looking and has a wicked way with the violin. She also has a great job working in a Dublin recording studio. So why isn’t life more fun? Could Julian, the trainee from hell, have something to do with it? Or is it really to do with Ella’s unreciprocated passion for her boss?

When Ella’s granny wins a holiday for two to Jamaica, things start to look up. Intrepid Ella dons a wetsuit, discovers scuba, and learns something about life from Rastafarian Raphael. But closer to home, a dark horse is coming up on the outside…

In this brilliant, bubbly, sexy tale from the bestselling author of the Mischief books, Ella eventually discovers what she really, really, wants – and finds a sensational way to get it.