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'Kate at her sparkling best.' - Irish Examiner


* * * *  heat  magazine


'The finest Thompson fare - the perfect beach read. Our Kate's done it again.' Irish Independent


Love Lies Bleeding' is a gripping page-turner of a read.' Belfast Newsletter


'...fabulous sex...idyllic settings...' - Irish Times


'Brilliant!!! Easily her best: I was GRIPPED!!!' Marian Keyes.


Kate's heroes are to die for - alpha males with manners!' Cathy Kelly



Love Lies Bleeding by Kate ThompsonFrom glitzy LA and vibrant Dublin to the laidback Languedoc, three friends are about to have their lives changed forever.....

Screenwriter Deirdre O’Dare becomes embroiled in a scenario straight from one of her film scripts. Madeleine Lennox relinquishes her role as the muse of a famous artist to a youthful demi-goddess. Dannie Palmer’s baby hunger transforms her from a down-to-earth, easy-going gal into a poisonous gossip.

Enter a new girl, centre stage. Who, exactly, is Corinna? What secret does her smile conceal? Is she too good to be true? Or does she mean mischief?

Sexy, heart-warming, glamorous and intriguing, Love Lies Bleeding is a glittering carousel of a novel that spirals into darkness, a cautionary tale in which mischief becomes mayhem…

It is – quite simply - a book you will want never to end.




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Readers' comments

Deirdre - Ireland

Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved Love Lies Bleeding - I think it's your best book yet!!! As soon as I read the first page I couldn't stop!! It was fab to meet all the characters again and I was gripped by the story - you kept me guessing till the end!! It would make a great film, it was brilliant book, I loved it - can’t wait for more!! :) 


You write such marvellous novels, I love reading them, I am transported to another world. Half way through Love Lies Bleeding, the characters and the village come alive for me, I am not aware of anything around me. Your writing gives such joy, thank-you.


I really love your work and have just finished Love Lies Bleeding. It is just fabulous - fun, sad and hopeful. What more could a person want, other than the next novel please?!  All best wishes for continued success.  


I got your book today and have spent most of the afternoon reading it (while pretending to be working!) I think it's brilliant - the imagery and smells are wonderfully portrayed, I can practically feel the sun and the coolness of the water. It's easy to sympathise with all the characters. Sorry for going on like this, but I never really get to talk about how much I enjoy a book to anyone.  


I loved Love Lies Bleeding, I really did! I love the way all the old favourites were included so we got to see how their endings worked out...as normal real life with plenty of ups and downs. Met and exceeded my expectations! I will be keeping fingers crossed there will be more from not only yourself but the inestimable Ms Pixie Pirelli! Will be keeping an eye out!
Thanks again  


LOVED IT!! Was totally enthralled!! Am hooked now! Is SUCH a great read - very well developed characters and all kinds of stories and threads! 


Just had to write and say a huge THANK YOU for this book. It has got to be the best book I've read in a long time!! I really hope with every bone on my body that you don't stop writing it would be a monumental waste of talent. Keep "Living Your Dream" - and ours!!!!


I absolutely loved Love Lies Bleeding! It went everywhere with me for a few days, in the car, to bed.........you name it! Congrats on another engrossing read. 


Oh my God, I loved this book so much; I really, honestly have to tell you that Love Lies Bleeding is THE best thing I've read in ages and I've been telling everyone you should be on Richard and Judy talking about it 


Yahoo, yippi, congratulation for your wonderful novel which again is irresistible. I have 'devoured' Love Lies Bleeding and feel as if I was living in your novel. Can't be topped. Though I'm not a native speaker I could understand every emotional layer ...You are writing from the heart. Your book is so fantastic... I'm speechless. Thanks again from your 'addicted' reader for another heavenly novel! 


Just finished Love Lies Bleeding (gorgeous cover!) - please tell me you're writing a follow up, I have to know that (censored by Kate) live happily ever after!! 


I just wanted to drop a quick line saying that I finished the final chapters of Love Lies Bleeding on Friday and I just loved it, it was a beautiful read. 


Absolutely LOVE your books, keep up the good work as I almost died between the times since the previous book and Love Lies Bleeding


The phrases, 'page-turner', 'un-put-downable' etc. are hackneyed. But they SO apply to Love Lies Bleeding. I really have to go out now and buy the rest of your catalogue. Congratulations. 


I finished Love Lies Bleeding at 11.30 last night.  My eyes feel like I have been through a dust storm and I have to go to work but it was worth it!  I loved it!  My criteria for a good book is when I can't put it down, can't wait to finish it but don't want to finish and feel a sense of loss when I do finish it.  LLB filled all the criteria.  Thank you so much. 


Kate, I finally got to read Love Lies Bleeding. I loved it, as I have loved all of your books! Can't wait for more!!! 


It's nearly 12.30pm. I am KNACKERED I should be in bed. But I'm not. Why not? Because I can't leave Bianca's garden, that's why not!! Especially not now I've just found out that..... (censored by Kate.) Honestly, woman, there are more strands in this book than in a ball of extra chunky mohair - the kind that knits up on size 10s!!


I'm in love with all your brilliant novels which I have read three times each. Now I see you have written a new fantastic novel - Love Lies Bleeding - in which you combine some of your adorable characters. I'm so glad you fulfilled my secret wishes. You should be given a kind of Nobel Prize for sophisticated escapist literature! You are my 'dream-novelist'; some of the reasons are your humour, convincingly developed characters, well-constructed plots and special style. As I can see in your fan mail all your readers feel the same about your talent! Congratulations from a German reader. 


Not getting much housework done as I can't put Love Lies Bleeding down, it's simply fantastic. Congratulations on writing yet another masterpiece. 


Have just finished reading Love Lies Bleeding, Brilliant! Don't think i have ever read a book so fast, your books are impossible to put down! I was v glad to see good old Deirdre and Rory fully in the book and thought it was very clever how… (censored by Kate). Thank you for the great escape!  


Just wanted to say congratulations on another great book! I started reading it yesterday morning and finished last night - couldn't wait! I needed to know how it ended. I loved it, and loved catching up with all the old characters
Best of Luck with the next one. 


LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!  Honestly, I have only recently been 'turned on' to you and LOVED Sex, Lies & Fairytales!!  I am on page 197 of Love Lies Bleeding and I LOVE IT!!!   I am also anxious to purchase the rest of your books. It's been so long since I have found an author that can compare with Marian Keyes.  I'm so glad I found you!! 


oh my god I have just finished the first 25 chapters of Love, Lies, Bleeding and I have never been so close to tears..... I'm praying that (censored by Kate) and that (censored by Kate) You have a talent! I love all your work Thank you so much!! 

Melanie - UK

I have just finished reading Love Lies Bleeding and it has inspired me to re-read all your other books. You are a fantastic story teller. 

Michelle - UK

Just finished reading Love Lies Bleeding, I love, love, loved it! I read it within a week - couldn't put it down! I'm now reading all your books from the beginning I don't think there has been a year gone by that I haven't re-read one of your books, I don't think I could get through a year without reading one. 

Helen – via BT openworld

Have just finished Love Lies Bleeding and have started to read all your books again from the start. I have also discovered Living the Dream as an audio book and now searching for the others...