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‘Kate Thompson’s novels are sublimely addictive: insightful, stylish, romantic and funny.’ Marian Keyes


We’ve all dreamt about it, but for Cleo Dowling the dream becomes a reality. Lucky Cleo comes into serious money and takes herself off to the pretty village of Kilrowan in the West of Ireland to write a novel. But what happens when she loses the plot and becomes obsessed with her sexy neighbour?

Dannie Moore’s love life has always been complicated - and Dannie has the knack of complicating things even more. When film director Jethro Palmer chooses Kilrowan as the location for a blockbuster movie, the consequences have a cataclysmic effect on her life.

Deirdre O’Dare leaves her husband Rory behind in LA to accompany her friend, movie star Eva Lavery to Kilrowan. When the cat’s away and all that… But which is the cat? Deirdre or Rory? And although Deirdre is writing Eva’s biography, it would appear that the actress is not telling the truth, the whole truth…

This rollercoaster ride of a book by the bestselling author of Striking Poses and The Blue Hour is jampacked with incident, humour, romance – and tragedy.