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‘Kate Thompson’s novels are sublimely addictive: insightful, stylish, romantic and funny.’

Marian Keyes

Life is sweet for rising stage and TV soap star Deirdre O’Dare. But jealous fears, spawned by arch-rival Sophie, that roguish boyfriend Rory is having a Hollywood fling threaten to ruin her happiness.

Retreating from Dublin to the hauntingly beautiful West of Ireland to work on a screenplay and lick her wounds, she meets gorgeous Gabriel – straight out of the Diet Coke ad and squire of the local manor. How could a girl possibly refuse?

In this moving and wickedly funny tale by the bestselling author of It Means Mischief, Deirdre O’Dare learns some painful, enlightening and hilarious lessons about the art of life and love as she comes face to face with the most difficult decision she’s ever had to make.