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Addictive, superior chick-lit' heat magazine

‘A gripping read that will have you second-guessing to the very end’ New Woman magazine

‘'Packed with drama, intrigue and sex, it’s a great escapist read' B magazine 

‘She is right up there with Jill Mansell and Cathy Kelly et al’ The Bookseller

‘Funny, heart-warming and great fun’ Metro

‘A fabulous story which raises the standard. [This reviewer] would like to have a smidgeon of her story-telling skills’ Ireland on Sunday

‘Thompson brings her usual warmth, wit and insight to the intertwined stories of three characters. [Her] novels are the perfect poolside or hearthside read’ Belfast Telegraph 

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Lottery winner Cleo Dowling is living her dream, running a bookshop in the sleepy village of Kilrowan and larking around with her gorgeous painter husband, Pablo. But the dream turns into a nightmare when Pablo accepts a commission to paint a portrait of a Dublin 4 princess. . .
Bestselling author Pixie Pirelli is a media consultant's delight, running the treadmill of red carpets, chat shows and book signings. But Pixie's big smile masks a hurt so bad she's forced to trade in her glittering career for a quiet life in the sticks. She can run, but she can't hide. . . who is La Londonista - red in tooth and claw - and why is she trying to sabotage Pixie's career? Sussed city girl Hazel MacNamara has a list of celebrities with ex-directory, top-secret phone numbers in her organizer.

Which of these luminaries will dazzle obligingly and make the Kilrowan Arts Festival the must-attend event of the Irish social calendar? Will it be film star Rory McDonagh? Will it be literary diva Colleen? Or will it be - shhh!
From the number-one bestselling author of The Blue Hour comes a tale of high jinks, betrayal, intrigue, romance and revenge. And sex.