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The number-one bestseller, shortlisted for the RNA award

‘A rare novel. Beautiful, powerful, unashamedly romantic.’ Marian Keyes

The Blue Hour by Kate ThompsonMaddie Godard: chief copywriter, The Complete Works advertising agency. Smart. Sussed. Scared. Because when your self-esteem’s been trampled and your world overturned, you have to act fast.

Maddie escapes from busy Dublin to seemingly tranquil Saint-Géyroux, an idyll in rural France. There, she is led into temptation by beautiful, roguish Sam, cajoled into becoming a life model by renowned artist Daniel Lennox, and haunted by a portrait of a woman with a secret to share. Can this mysterious beauty help Maddie exorcise her demons?

In this moving, bittersweet, joyously romantic tale by the bestselling author of Going Down and the Mischief books, Maddie Godard confronts her innermost fears, makes new friends, and learns that life really is worth living…